What to expect from your treatment

Your first appointment

Your osteopath will take a detailed case history from you followed by a careful examination, and then treatment, if you are deemed suitable and there are no reasons that would make this potentially ‘unsafe’.
The first consultation can last up to an hour. During this time you will have the chance to explain the problem in detail, and your osteopath will have the opportunity to ask any questions, that can at times seem irrelevant, about your medical history and lifestyle.
Your posture and movements will then be observed. Normally patients will partly undress to allow this so as to allow the osteopath to visualize spinal curvatures and muscle symmetry etc. Depending on your history, other relevant tests such as blood pressure, neurological examination etc. may be performed.
Once the examination is complete, your osteopath should be able to give you a diagnosis of what is causing your symptoms, and explain how treatment can help. If you are happy with this, treatment can begin.
A variety of techniques may be used, including soft tissue work (massage), stretching of joints and muscles, and sometimes joint manipulation (clicking). Treatment will be tailored to the individual to ensure their comfort and safety at all times. Hertford Osteopaths do not adhere to the “No pain, No gain” philosophy. Pain is there for a reason, and usually indicates that there is tissue damage or disease.
You will also be given advice on how to manage your problem once you leave the practice. This may include things like postural advice and exercises, aimed at restoring you back to normal working order as soon as possible!
If your problem turns out to be beyond the scope of osteopathy, we will discuss your alternatives and help arrange for an appropriate referral.

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